The book opens in a clinic in 2008. Charles Manx, an indicted youngster abductor, quickly wakes from a trance like state to undermine a medical attendant. Her collaborators don’t trust her case, since he displays just constrained cerebrum work.

The book flashes back to 1986. Youthful Vic McQueen finds that she can discover lost things by riding her bike through the Shorter Way Bridge. The Bridge consistently takes her to the area of whatever she is looking for. Voyaging along these lines takes a psychological and physical toll on her. She needs to lie about how she discovers things, on the grounds that reality would not be accepted. On one such excursion, she goes to an Iowa library where she meets Maggie, an administrator that can utilize Scrabble tiles to decide the area of missing things or data. Like utilizing the Bridge, this divination procedure negatively affects Maggie, causing a serious stammer. She cautions Vic against Manx, whom she calls “the Wraith” after the model of vehicle he drives since she can’t articulate his genuine name. Vic ventures home, yet loses her bicycle and builds up a horrendous fever. Manx enrolls concoction plant specialist Bing to gain a gingerbread-enhanced sevoflurane that the production line produces. Bing accepts that Manx is taking the kids to a spot called “Christmasland” where they can be upbeat everlastingly, and utilizes the sevoflurane to weaken the guardians of the youngsters Manx targets.

In 1996 a young Vic utilizes the Shorter Way after she has a battle with her mom. She inquires as to whether she can remain with him, yet he rebukes her. Vic utilizes the Bridge to make a trip to Manx’s home, imagining that her kidnapping will hurt her mom. Once there she endeavors to protect a kid secured in the back of the Wraith, just to find that he is clearly allied with Manx and has lines of sharp dark colored teeth and cold fog originating from his nose. Vic scarcely escapes from Manx after his home bursts into flames. She keeps running into overweight cruiser rider Lou Carmody, who takes her to a service station to call the police. Manx lands at a similar station to buy gas, and is caught by the police after he burns down a serviceman.

The story comes back to 2008. A grown-up Vic had an association with Lou and brought forth a child, Bruce Wayne Carmody. Despondent and scarred by the past, she reestablishes bikes and builds up an effective arrangement of youngsters’ books. She is tormented by telephone calls from Christmasland’s vampire youngsters who rebuke her for Manx’s capture. Vic’s torment annihilates her association with Lou, yet they part agreeably and she in the long run recoups.

Maggie shows up on Vic’s doorstep in 2012 and stands up to her with the awkward actuality that Manx kicked the bucket in jail, restored himself, and afterward got away. Vic denies this, blames Maggie for craziness, and sends her away. In the mean time, Manx reunites with Bing. They execute Vic’s neighbors and move into their home, viewing from a separation as Vic and Wayne fix an old bike. At the point when Vic takes the bike for a test drive, Manx and Bing seize Wayne and seriously harm Vic. Wayne can call Lou to caution him of the seizing. Vic calls the police to report the snatching, however they will not trust her since Manx is formally dead and they accept his body was essentially stolen. FBI therapist Tabitha Hutter is alloted to psychoanalyze Vic after doubt falls on her of being associated with her child’s vanishing. In spite of a mobile phone follow that uncovers Wayne’s area as “Christmasland” on a seriously contorted guide of the United States, Hutter doesn’t trust Vic’s story.

Vic escapes defensive authority and utilizations the Shorter Way to discover Wayne. She touches base at Bing’s home and he assaults her, however she murders him in self-preservation by lighting his sevoflurane. Vic calls Lou (who is still with the police) and educates them concerning Bing’s home, additionally giving Lou a clue to meet her at her dad’s home that the police don’t get it. At that point Vic takes the Shorter Way to Maggie’s library. The two ladies scan for answers utilizing Maggie’s Scrabble tiles. Vic finds that the best approach to devastate Manx is to wreck his 1938 Rolls-Royce Wraith. Maggie is murdered when Manx touches base at the library while Vic is dozing. Barely staying away from catch by neighborhood police, Vic takes the Shorter Way Bridge to her repelled dad’s home, where Lou and her dad give her explosives that her dad utilizes in his decimation work.

Hutter and the police land to keep Vic. While Hutter is by all accounts willing to tune in to Vic’s adaptation of occasions after she uncovers data about Maggie’s passing that had happened just a brief timeframe prior and numerous states away, the police under Hutter’s order are progressively forceful and shoot Vic’s dad dead when he assaults one to secure Vic. Vic and Lou evade, touching base at Manx’s home. Vic deserts Lou and ventures through the Shorter Way to Christmasland. She explodes the town, yet one of Manx’s kids mortally wounds her. Manx and one of his two vampire little girls escape in the Wraith through the Shorter Way, yet they are slaughtered when the Bridge implodes.

Vic kicks the bucket soon after she and Wayne come back to the real world. Soon thereafter, Lou has lost a great deal of weight and has started an association with Hutter. Wayne has bad dreams about Christmasland in which he winds up one of Manx’s kids and takes an interest in frightful diversions. He feels that he is losing his humankind without a doubt and is being changed into one of Manx’s animals. Lou takes Tabitha and Wayne to the remnants of Manx’s home. He crushes Christmas adornments that are staying nearby the property. As each trimming is pulverized, a tyke that Manx had seized shows up, reestablished to human structure. Lou finds the trimming that speaks to Wayne and pulverizes it, evidently returning him to ordinary.

In a substitute closure, incorporated into an extraordinary version yet let well enough alone for the primary release, a portion of the adornments escape devastation and Manx’s enduring little girl and some other vampire youngsters land into this present reality.

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