Open with Brody on tape, leaving a message to be seen after he’s dead. He discusses cherishing his nation, and that was he is doing is basically part of the pledge he has taken as a Marine. The VP of the U.S. is a residential risk to the nation.

Saul makes a trip to see Carrie. Maggie says she’s not progressing nicely. Carrie hasn’t left her room in three days and isn’t eating. Saul goes upstairs and converses with Carrie. He doesn’t talk about points of interest, however guarantees not to abandon taking a gander at Abu Nazir’s break from doing terrible things. She discusses Brody and he thinks about whether she’s infatuated with him.

Brody completes the process of shooting (inside an extra space) and conceals the camera card in divider, denoting the area with a chalk line.

We see Walker stowed away in the secondary lounge of a lady’s vehicle while she is playing bingo in a senior focus.

VP Walden tended to key staff and supporters, talking reporting his presidential run the next morning. Estes thinks the arrangement is risky given what number of notable individuals will be there. Walden isn’t stressed since Walker is “just one person.”

Walker is still in the rearward sitting arrangement as the lady drives up to a checkpoint close to her home. Clearly she lives only two squares from the State Department. When she gets into her underground carport Walker flies out from the rearward sitting arrangement and sticks a weapon to her head.

Virgil attempts to help get Carrie to eat. It isn’t working.

Brody prays before supper. This is surprising and Dana takes note.

Walker cuts a hover in one of the loft windows. The ladies is tied up on an adjacent seat.

That night Brody recalls the expressions of Abu Nazir. He goes to implore. Dana gets him and he needs to clarify that he has changed over to Islam. They concur that Jessica wouldn’t comprehend and this will be their mystery.

Day 2

Carrie awakens and is frenzied for her drugs. Virgil brings them.

Saul presents to Estes an in part redacted document. It is the thing that he supposes is an automaton strike during Abu Nazir’s down period cap appears to agree with the fear based oppressor’s probable area. Estes doesn’t appear to be exceptionally intrigued, especially given that it’s identified with Carrie’s hypothesis.

Jessica takes Chris to his karate coordinate.

Carrie has Virgil take him for a drive and they end up at the location of Walden’s declaration. She reveals to him she supposes “a large portion of the administration” will be in one spot and this might be the objective. He clarifies that she is never again working for the CIA and they should disregard it. She discloses to him a solitary expert sharpshooter doesn’t bode well and reveals to him she’s a similar individual she’s consistently been. She appears to persuade him she’s onto something.

While Brody puts on his touchy vest Dana begins to converse with him from the corridor. She doesn’t need him to go. She doesn’t have a positive sentiment about what’s going on with Walker and all the security. Brody arms his vest. His vehicle arrives and he meets the Secret Service operator who has been relegated to him.

Estes and Walden talk and it appears Estes is additionally mindful of the automaton strike. Walden discloses to him he needs to get Saul to quit snooping.

Saul gets word from Galvez that it shows up the automaton assault has been purposefully cleaned from the books. Saul says he will catch up on it himself.

Carrie and Virgil are currently in the group. She’s clarifies that given the security the main way you assault at that occasion in case you’re anticipating taking the majority of the high-esteem focuses out without a moment’s delay.

We see Walker snatch his rifle and position himself at the window.

Brody arrives and makes casual banter with Gaines. Walden arrives a couple of moments later.

Walker stacks a round into a load and flames. He murders Gaines, her blood showering all over Walden. Everyone is hurried inside. Walker fires two additional occasions, when hitting a window and once hitting a specialist. Everyone (counting) Brody is moved past the metal locators. Walker leaves the loft.

Everyone is hustled into a little room. Brody gets some information about Walden.

Saul gets a call from Carrie. She guarantees him that Gaines was not the objective and Walker would not have missed multiple times. She realizes that since Brody is being sequestered with Walden and the other high-esteem targets he should be the danger. Saul consents to acquire her to help however rather tells an operator that a lady is acting insane and should be verified.

Walden at long last lands in the room and it is bolted. Brody apprehensively pulls the trigger key from his sleeve and strolls towards Walden. He flashes to Abu Nazir saying “recollect Isa” and flips the switch. Be that as it may, nothing occurs. It isn’t working.

Outside Carrie understands that Saul didn’t get her story. She gets Virgil’s keys and takes off.

Brody goes to the restroom and removes the vest. He begin taking a gander at the wires.

We see Dana viewing the TV report of the shooting. There is a thump at the entryway. It’s Carrie. She reveals to Dana that her dad is working for Walker and she needs to call him on the telephone and talk him down. Rather Dana tells 911 that an insane lady is at her home and hollers at Carrie to depart. They contend on the front grass similarly as Jessica returns home with Chris. The police arrive and Carrie is takent into care. While Dana looks on she sees that the telephone Carrie brought is as yet lying on the ground.

Brody fixes his vest and returns it on. He strolls once more into the room and is a brief moment from exploding it when an operator pats him on the back and says his little girl is on the telephone. Dana needs to realize whether he’s returning home. Brody attempts to get over her however she makes him guarantee to her that he’ll be home later. She says she needs him and Brody gets enthusiastic. He hangs up similarly as Walden leaves the protected room.


Jessica gets some information about squeezing charges against Carrie. He says he’ll deal with it.

Walden meets with Saul. Walden reveals to Saul he should disregard the entire automaton thing. Saul says that Walden realizes that isn’t his style. Saul advises him that he worked for Walden for a long time and hauls out recordings of painful cross examination that Walden requested. Walden inquires as to whether he’s being extorted.

Carrie is discharged from authority. Brody is holding up in the parking garage. Brody guarantees her that he isn’t what she supposes he is and needs her to get help. She gives him her assertion that she’ll disregard him. Carrie gets into Maggie’s vehicle and advises her to take her to the clinic.

Saul and Estes watch video of Walden and Estes requesting the automaton strike that crushed Abu Nazir’s child’s school. Walden realizes what he is doing, yet thinks the inadvertent blow-back is adequate. Saul discloses to Estes he’s thinking about heading off to the papers with this data, yet Estes realizes he won’t on the grounds that it would put an excessive number of CIA operators in danger and would be utilized as an enrollment instrument for the foe.

Brody goes searching for his video. He discovers it is missing and a subsequent chalk line has been set on the divider. He returns home and gets his firearm.

Brody meets Walker, who requests to realize what occurred. Brody says his vest broke down, however Walker doesn’t appear to get it. Walker has Abu Nazir on an open telephone line. Abu Nazir requests to talk with Brody, who discloses to him that it might be for the best that the underlying arrangement didn’t work out. Brody currently approaches the following president and might probably impact arrangement. Abu Nazir appears to like this thought, yet need some confirmation of Brody’s dedication. He advises Brody to slaughter Walker and Brody does.

At home Brody kisses his children and says thanks to Jessica “for everything.”


Saul storms into the pre-operation territory of an emergency clinic. He meets with Carrie, who is being prepared for a sort of electro-stun treatment. It accompanies various dangers, including transient memory misfortune, however Carrie guarantees him this is the thing that she needs. He says she was directly about Abu Nazir and enlightens her concerning the automaton assault.

Dana joins Brody up on the top of their home. The sit and appreciate the view.

Similarly as Carrie is given her anesthesia she begin blazing back to recollections of being with Brody. One of them is Brody’s bad dreams. She reviews him saying “Isa! No!” and understands that Brody knew Abu Nazir’s child. She mutters “Don’t give me a chance to overlook that” toward Maggie, yet no one truly comprehends what she said. The main stun experiences her body as the season arrives at an end.

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